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- Coffee with sugar-free syrup & half/half

Meal 1:

- A banana with a spoonful of PB

Meal 2:

(Met a girlfriend @ Denny's for brunch)

- Meat Lovers Scramble: Eggs, chopped bacon, diced ham, crumbled sausage & cheddar cheese

- 4 strips of bacon

- Cup of fruit: banana slices, grapes, cantelope, an apple slice (the fruit and extra 2 slices of bacon was in place of the hashbrowns & pancakes normally served.)

- Coffee with half/half

Meal 3:

- Handful of raw almonds

- A few plain pork rinds

- Can of tuna mixed with mayo, celery, a small amount of chopped walnuts & a small amount of chopped dates

Meal 4:

- 25g vanilla whey with cinnamon

- Spoonful of PB (sorry, the PB just tastes good and...I've run out of almond butter)

Meal 5:

- Seasoned boneless pork cooked in a little coconut oil

- Mix of peas & corn


- Package of Planters cocoa & cinnamon flavored almonds (Much better than the alternative. I bought some cinnamon capsules tonight to see if that helps with my sugar cravings. While I do love ground cinnamon, sometimes I get sick of adding it to stuff and would rather knock back a capsule or two for convenience)



- Rest 

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