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* Day 2 of no Dairy



- Coffee with sugar/dairy/lactose free creamer & sugar-free syrup


- Hashbrowns with 1 small potato & eggs (1 whole + 1/2C whites) cooked in coconut oil & drizzled with a little ketchup

- A 5.5oz can of V8


- A 4oz fillet of Sole & 8 large shrimp cooked in a tiny bit of coconut oil, a little coconut milk & minced garlic

- A "Steamfresh" bag of broccoli cuts sprinkled with season salt (my son had about 1/2C & I ate the rest; so, about 3.5 cups)

- Palmful of almonds


- Homemade chili & cornbread!

(I made the cornbread with unsweetened almond "butter"milk instead of dairy!)


* Messed up tonight and had some dark chocolate completely forgetting that yes, it has dairy in it! Oops!



- Rest...

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