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- Coffee with sugar-free syrup and plain, no sugar, creamer

 Meal 1:

- 1 egg muffin

- 1/2 a 23g vanilla protein shake

Meal 2 (Post- Workout):

- 21g chocolate whey

- "Phenom" Coconut water- Pinapple Punch flavor

Meal 3:

- Popeye Pumpkin Protein Pancakes: I will NOT make these again. I could totally taste the spinach and I'm sure that's my fault for just grabbing a handful of fresh spinach instead of measuring out a half cup. These would have made 6 medium pancakes but I only made 5. Could bring myself to eat only half the plate even after drowning them in sugar-free maple syrup...GAG!


- Tiny Fuji apple with almond butter sprinkled with cinnamon

- Pork rinds

Meal 4:

- Beef patty with a little ketchup

- Can of tuna with mayo, celery, raisins & walnuts


- 1C plain greek yogurt with 1tsp cherry gelatin, chopped walnuts & 60% cacao baking chips





10 Sets with about a 2 minute rest between each set:

  • Double KB Front Squats with the 44s for 6-8 reps, immediately into...
  • 2-Arm Swings with the 88 for 8-10 reps

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