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- Cup of coffee with a little stevia & vanilla extract


- 3 chocolate peanut butter crepes (1/2C egg whites, 2 scoops of chocolate whey, 1T psyllium fiber, 1T Hershey's special dark unsweetened cocoa powder, less than half a packet of stevia, 2T creamy natural peanut butter. Blended in a blender. Makes 6 crepes) Modified from this recipe

- Topped crepes with an unsweetened strawberry compote (5 small frozen strawberries cooked down in a little water)


- Can of tuna mixed with mayo, chopped pickle, chopped fresh spinach, ground pepper & a little parmesan/romano cheese

- Half an apple


- 2 large celery stalks w/peanut butter

- A handful of tortilla chips


- A skirt steak marinated in barbacoa seasoning and pan cooked

- A pile of mixed veggies cooked in butter (baby carrots, corn, peas & green beans)

- A few bites of my son's hamburger

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