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- Cup of coffee with a little stevia and sugar free caramel syrup


- 3 eggs scrambled in a little olive oil with iodized sea salt, pepper & smoked paprika, piled on 3 left over chocolate peanut butter protein crepes from yesterday


- A handful of almonds

- Around 1C of some leftover casserole (a tater tot style only we subbed very thin sliced potatoes for tots)


- A sliced apple & a handful of baby carrots with natural peanut butter


- Small seasoned pork chops (About 6.75oz of meat total)

- Between 1/2-1C of seasoned rice


- 2 squares of 99% cacao chocolate



- Deadlifts @ 210lbs for 5x5 with a 2 minute rest between sets

- Double KB Front Squats with the 53s for 5x5 with a 2 minute rest between sets

- Double KB Presses with the 35s supersetted with Pullups for 5x5 each with a 1 minute rest between sets

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