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- Half a cup of coffee with a little stevia & sugar free kalu caffe syrup


- 3 eggs scrambled in butter with iodized sea salt & ground pepper

- 3 strawberries

- The remaining half of the earlier cup of coffee


- A can of tuna mixed with mayo, chopped pickle, a handful of chopped fresh spinach, a few chopped baby carrots and a chopped celery stalk

- A handful of plain pork rinds

- Half a can of Monster Zero


- A packet of 2 crunchy honey & oat granola bars

- 2 squares of 99% cacao chocolate


- A sliced Jazz apple with natural peanut butter

- The other half of my Monster


- Nachos: A couple handfuls of tortilla chips, a bunch of seasoned ground beef, cheese & sliced black olives



- An hour of strength yoga (I really need to start doing more stretching. Noticed this last week that I've stiffened up)

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