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~Lately I've been a little burnt out on keeping food logs. I'm thinking of dropping the food log and just doing up a weekly blog of my workouts. If there are people who actually care about what I eat, as I know there are many who read these, I suppose I can keep trucking along. If not, then I think I'm going to give it a rest for a while. It's not an excuse to eat crap on a regular basis because "no one is watching". That would be counter-productive to my goals and my health. 


- Cup of coffee with a single serving York Peppermint Patty creamer


- Another cup of coffee with a creamer


- 2tsp fulls of natural peanut butter


- A leftover porkchop with 1/4C rice

- 3 pieces of popcorn chicken

- 3 small strawberries


- 1 hot dog wrapped in a small corn tortilla with ketchup plus another half of the same thing

- Can of tuna over mixed spring greens & fresh spinach with a handful of baby carrots & Brianna's buttermilk ranch


- Roast beef with one small/medium potato with butter and parmesan/romano cheese



- Deadlifts @ 210lbs for 5x5 with a 2 minute rest between sets

- Double KB Front Squats with the 53s for 5x5 with a 2-3 minute rest between sets

- Double KB Presses (these are always over-head, btw) with the 35s supersetted with Pullups for 5x5 each with a 1-1.5 minute rest between sets

** Finally done with this program! Measurements tomorrow to see what this did for me. Tuesday will be the start of something new!

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Comment by Jim B on May 13, 2012 at 6:56am


I read them...and I guarantee that for every comment you get on there, there are about 5 more that read them. I put my nutrition logs on here to show that what I do works, and because logging nutrition is just as important as logging workouts. It is also a lot easier to get away with small things if there is no accountability. You might think about skipping a day now and then, but really, your log is for your benefit. Do what you think you need to do.

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