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- 3 eggs scrambled in butter

- 1 slice of thick cut bacon


- Cup of decaf kombucha green tea with a little meyer lemon juice squeezed in


- 4 Brazil nuts

- A few baby carrots dipped in almond butter (I could sit and eat this combo all good)


- A huge chef style salad: Romaine salad mix, celery, cucumber, tomato, 2 diced slices of deli turkey, 2 diced slices of smoked turkey, 2 boiled organic eggs and half an avocado. Dressed with a vinaigrette consisting of 1.75T of EVOO, the juice of a whole meyer lemon (love these things, they're like a cross between a lemon and an orange), salt, pepper, minced garlic, oregano & basil. This was at least a pound and full of good fats & protein! I did leave behind a little romaine, celery and cucumber tho...I was stuffed!


- Half a granny smith apple, half a small green tipped banana & 4 baby carrots dipped in almond butter


- A beef patty on lettuce with 2 strips of bacon and mustard

- Some steamed california blend veggies with french fry seasoning


- Cup of sweet & spicy tea (really fighting the desire for some chocolate!)

*Today was a little rough and craved some naughty things. Got thru it tho!

No workout today...

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