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- Half a cup of coffee with full fat coconut milk and 1/4tsp vanilla (apparently my body has developed an aversion to coffee; it gives me a bit of a stuffy nose and even makes me sneeze. I've noticed this in the past but after not having coffee since Monday or Tuesday, it was more noticeable today)


- Half a large avocado divided between 2 slices of regular deli turkey and 2 slices of hickory smoked deli turkey


- 4 Brazil nuts

- 4 baby carrots dipped in creamy almond butter

1:20PM (Post-Workout)

- Smoothie: 1/2C full fat coconut milk, 1/2C unsweetened almond milk, 1T creamy almond butter, one green tipped banana, a packet of "immune punch", ice


- 4 slices of deli turkey

- 1 plantain chip


- 1 1/2 seasoned cube steaks cooked in olive oil

- 1C butternut squash with butter and cinnamon


- Cup of sweet & spicy tea



- 50 Manmakers with the 26s: This is a burpee with two kettlebells into a clean and jerk

- 50 Medicine Ball slams with a 25lb ball

- 50 Snatches per arm with the 35

- 50 Reverse Lunges per leg

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