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- 3 bites of a green tipped banana

- 3 vanilla pancakes smeared with natural creamy almond butter

- 2 Bacon & Egg Muffins: I did these in a muffin tin and added diced fresh tomato to the bottoms along with oregano and grated fresh garlic. Seasoned the top of the egg with a little salt & pepper. Made these for the boys as well but omitted the garlic and added mozzarella cheese to the top of theirs.


- 1 large, on the bone chicken breast (last one from Monday)

- Half an avocado with ground pepper

- Several cucumber slices with salt


- 3 Brazil nuts

6:40PM (Post-Workout)

- One sliced Granny Smith apple


- 2 chicken thighs cooked in butter with mustard, garlic & basil

- A few steamed asparagus spears with a mix of broccoli & cauliflower seasoned with french fry seasoning (the Johnny's seasoning salt I'd normally use contains wheat and soy, the fry seasoning doesn't)


- A celery stalk with a bunch of creamy almond butter



- Warmup with 5min jumping rope

- 4 Rounds:

  • 100 feet walking lunges with a 26lb bell overhead
  • 12 one legged rows per arm with the 35
  • 15 Swings with the 70

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