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- 2 eggs with 2oz ham scrambled in butter; seasoned with salt/pepper

- 3 strips of bacon


- 2 Brazil nuts

- 2 thin slices of both turkey & ham


- Salad w/tuna: Chopped romaine leaves with carrots, celery, radish, cucumber, one can of yellowfin tuna and dressed with my usual dressing only today I used 2T EVOO and the juice of half a meyer lemon instead of a whole


- Half a granny smith apple with almond butter

7:15PM (Post-Workout)

- Big ol' bowl of "Spaghetti": Half a spaghetti squash with a bunch of meat sauce with asparagus added in (total food baby) =)



- Warmup with 5 reps of each exercise below

- 7 Rounds:

  • 7 Suitcase Deadlifts with the 70s
  • 7 Burpees w/push up
  • 7 Toes to Bar
  • 7 Double KB Squat Thrusts with the 35s

* This was brutal..but I owned it.

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