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- 2 vanilla pancakes leftover from yesterday smeared with a little pastured butter & almond butter

- 2 eggs fried in pastured butter with salt & pepper


- 2 Brazil nuts

- A seasoned round steak cooked in EVOO

- A bowl of baby carrots, sliced white mushrooms and shrimp that had been cooked in a good amount of butter & yummy and I totally drank the butter garlic juice in the bottom of the bowl. =)


- 4 thin slices of deli ham with dijon mustard

- 1/3 of an avocado with ground pepper


- A handful of baby carrots with almond butter

8:00PM (Delayed Post-Workout)

- 2 seasoned beef patties with mustard & red onion wrapped in a big romaine leaf

- 1C sweet potatoes with butter & cinnamon


- 1 chopped granny smith apple nuked with butter, cinnamon & a little vanilla



- 10 minutes straight of Snatches with the 26 (Alternated arms each minute averaging 15 reps per arm)

- 10 minutes straight of Long Cycle Press with the 26 (Alternated arms again getting 9 presses per arm)

- 10 minutes of Burpees: 30 seconds on (6 reps or 1 burpee every 5 seconds) with 30 seconds rest

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