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- Shrimp & Mushroom Omelette: 3 eggs with about 10 medium chopped raw shrimp and 2 chopped white mushrooms cooked in butter; seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder


- A handful of baby carrots with almond butter

2:50PM (Post-Workout)

- 1 granny smith apple


- 6 super thin slices of deli ham with dijon mustard

- 2 slices of deli turkey with dijon


- 4 Brazil nuts


- Big bowl of taco salad: Romaine salad mix, a ton of seasoned beef, black olives & hot sauce


- I'll have the rest of my dairy free pudding from last night



- 50 Overhead Walking Lunges with the 35

- 50 Double KB Front Squats with the 35s

- 50 2-Arm Swings with the 70

- 50 H-2-H Swings with the 35 (should have used the 44)

- 50 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls with the 70

- 50 Jump Squats

- 300ft Walking Lunges

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