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I haven't blogged in...well, forever now. This is mostly due to having minor surgery January 4th and having only stepped in the gym for my son's Taekwondo classes. Sunday (Feb. 5th) I was finally able to start training again. Measurements were taken and while I did seem to put on a tiny bit of fat (kinda unavoidable when you can't workout for a month), I was quite happy & relieved to see there was almost no change in my lean mass. I lost about 1/4in in my hips and gained (probably fat) a 1/4in in my chest/lats. As far as my nutrition, I was a little more lax but I was always mindful and managed to keep my weight in check the whole time. But because I did have a little shift in my composition, I do need tighten up my eating habits and in combination with the gym, I should be back to my previous (or improved) stats in no time.

Speaking of gym time, learning the impact of taking a month off has had on my body in terms of strength has been interesting. I did 100 consecutive body weight squats as a finisher on Sunday and while that used to be no thang, by rep 50 I was hurting a bit! And my quads are still a little sore today but feeling much better. For now, because this is more of a rehabbing period, I'm starting out with lighter weight, but doing a higher volume of work. I foresee bouncing back and getting back to my old butt kicking routines pretty quickly.

I was a tad apprehensive about returning to this blog; I think mostly due to falling out of the habit. I figure the pros out weigh any cons. So here we go! =)



- Big cup of iced coffee: Coffee, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a packet of stevia & ice (my big plastic "fast food style" cup works awesome for this)


- Chicken Salad: Iceburg salad mix, one small seasoned chicken breast, 4 quartered baby carrots, half a small avocado, several sliced black olives, 2 chopped slices of uncured bacon & ranch dressing

- 3 walnut halves


- 6oz Oikos plain greek yogurt with 1/4C granola & cinnamon mixed in


- 6oz angus sirloin topped with mason butter with steamed broccoli & ginger-lime slaw

(Celebrated my middle son's 6th birthday at T.G.I. Fridays; his choice)

- About half a small hot fudge sundae that my 3yr old didn't finish. Was mostly vanilla ice cream (about 1/2C worth) with a teensy bit of fudge.


None....But, yesterday I did:

- Long Cycle Jerk

- Snatch

- Push Press

I did all 3 exercises consecutively with the 18lb bell for time in the "sport" format:

  • 90 sec on per hand, 1 min rest
  • 90 sec on per hand, 90 sec rest
  • 90 sec on per hand, 2 min rest
  • 1 min on per hand, 30 sec rest
  • 1 min on per hand, 1 min rest

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