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- Cup of coffee with cinnamon vanilla creamer


- 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, seasoned with salt & pepper, put over 2 slices of brisket and topped with some hot sauce


- Big handful of walnuts

- 21g of chocolate whey in about 8oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk


- 6oz cup of plain Oikos greek yogurt with a bunch of cinnamon and about 1tsp of honey


- A post-workout meal shake (my last one from my competition goodies)


- 2 jumbo 1/4lb hotdogs sliced up in some chili (family had chili dogs tonight. Hadn't had canned chili in forever; was it always so salty? I expect a 5lb water weight gain tomorrow) ;)



- Warmup of 50 BW squats & 50 Hindu squats

- 3 Rounds of:

  • 8 Suitcase Deadlifts with the 70s (140lbs total)
  • 25 Pushups on the kb handles
  • 6 laps jogged around the soccer field (equals about a 1/2 mile)

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