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- 2 farm eggs seasoned with salt & pepper, fried in coconut oil and topped with half a small avocado

- 3 broiled strips of uncured bacon

- Cup of coffee with a packet of stevia and unsweetened vanilla almond milk


- Slice of banana bread with butter

- Can of tuna with mayo, a sliced celery stalk, chopped walnuts, raisins


- The last of my banana bread; 2 thick slices with butter


- 2 beef patties with a squirt of ranch

- A few bites of some cheesy scalloped potatoes

- Half a bottle of some organic raw kombucha (Found this at Fred Meyer's interesting! I was also pleasantly surprised to see they also carry milk and butter from pastured cows- Organic Valley brand. I picked up some of the pastured cultured butter...and will sometime have to try the milk)

Note: I realize my nutrition has been a bit on the light side. I haven't had much of an appetite the last couple weeks. I assume it should pick up as my intensity grows in the gym


- None...

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