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- Cup of coffee with a little sugar-free vanilla syrup (this has been just a spash, or no more than 2tsp)


- Egg Nog: 1C almond milk, 1 egg yolk, a squirt of honey & 1T coconut oil; blended

- A small leftover salmon fillet


- Beef patty cooked in butter

- 11 medium shrimp cooked in leftover butter and buger fat

- 1 slice of summer sausage


- I allowed myself to get overly stressed and dipped into the gifted baked treats in the pantry... =(

- A cup of green tea kombucha


- Shrimp Omlette: 2 eggs + 1/2C whites cooked in butter with a heaping 1/2C of baby shrimp; seasoned with salt

- Handful of walnuts

- Cup of green tea kombucha



- 20 TGUs with the 35 & 44

- 100 straight H2H swings with the 26

- 300 Swings with the 53 & 62 (144 remain for week 3)

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