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- Just a cup of coffee with a little sugar-free vanilla syrup upon waking @ 7 and a cup of green tea kombucha with a packet of stevia a couple hours later. After a carb loaded afternoon/evening yesterday, I chose to fast this morning for as long as I felt comfy. 

Lunch (just after 1pm):

- Bowl of borscht

- Handful of walnuts


- 2 eggs fried in a mix of butter & coconut oil

- 1 leftover salmon fillet

- Cup of green tea kombucha with a stevia packet

Snack 2 (Post-Workout):

- Salted hard boiled egg

- A small apple


- Bowl of tater tot casserole minus the tots. So just ground beef, chopped onion, peas & tomato paste. I added some salt

- Spoonful of crunchy almond butter sprinkled with cinnamon

* I realize this doesn't look like a lot of food compared to my usual's not. I consumed more than enough calories yesterday, so today wasn't a matter of starving myself to compensate, rather one of just listening to my body and feeding it accordingly.



- 19 TGUs with the 35 & 44

- 400 Swings with the 53 & 62. A couple 1-Arm sets with the 35

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