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- Cup of coffee with 1tsp hot cocoa mix (2.4g sugar & 3 carbs), cinnamon & a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk


- Spinach mushroom omelette: Handful of fresh spinach & 2 sliced baby portobello mushrooms softened in butter, 3 small eggs, salt, pepper, garlic powder & a sprinkle of the romano/parmesan cheese blend. Topped with half a thin sliced roma & 1/4 of an avocado

12:45PM (Post-Workout)

- 21g chocolate whey + 5g glutamine + 30g simple sugars


- 2 pieces of sashimi & 5 pieces of two different sushi rolls (5 total, not 5 of each roll)


- A whole roll of NECCOs..LOVE these things

- 2 cans of Longboard Island Lager

- A bunch of picante flavored pork rinds (can't have beer without pork rinds! LoL!)


- A big helping of Paella : Made as stated minus the saffron

- A kalimotxo made with diet root beer


- Another kalimotxo


- A slice of a 5-layer German chocolate cake

**Yep, I let lose today and don't feel at all bad about it!



- Quick warmup of 40 swings with the 53

- Deadlifts @ 205lbs for 5x5 w/a 2min rest between rounds

- Double KB Front Squats w/the 53s for 5x5 w/a 2 minute rest between rounds

- Double KB Presses w/the 35s supersetted with pullups for 5x5 each w/a 1.5-2min rest between rounds

- Mill Press w/the 26s for 2 minutes straight @ 12 reps per minute

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