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- "Cereal": Half a chopped gala apple, half a sliced banana, 3 sliced fresh strawberries, a handful of walnut halves; chopped, a sprinkle of unsweetened shredded coconut, cinnamon & unsweetened vanilla almond milk


- 2 boiled eggs w/salt


- Big salad consisting of spring greens, 3 sliced boiled eggs, sliced baby carrots, tomato, calamata olives, some deli turkey meat, sprinkled with a grated parmesan/romano cheese blend (the kind for spaghetti or pizza) and smothered in Lighthouse ranch dressing (sooo yummy)


- A few pieces of Easter candy


- A packet of BSN Aminos in water


- Sliced jicama

- Half a gala apple


- A big taco salad: Mixed spring greens, baby spinach, 2 beef patties chopped and seasoned, a roma tomato, a bunch of black olives, grated parmesan/romano blend & ranch



- 20 Minutes:

  • 10 Swings with the 53 on the top of the first minute (went light on the swings in order to help loosen up my back from the deads and squats yesterday)
  • 10 Hindu Pushups at the top of the next (was able to get all 10 each time because I went lighter on the swings)

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