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3/24, 3/25, 3/26 workouts and nutrition


8 am coffee

10 am 20x 5 ea, 10 kg KB overhead thrusters, 15x 5 12 kg KB overhead thrusters & assisted pullups.  I had planned to up the KB to 14 today but it was not happening.  Very weak today, frustrating, but completed

11:30 am 2 eggs scrambled in bacon fat with left over asparagus from last night. 2 slices GF bread with butter.

7:30 pm Shrimp w/pesto over spaghetti squash, spinach salad with cranberries, sundried tomatoes, pecans & avocado



12:30 pm mac nuts, 2 eggs, 1 slice bacon, grapes and mandarin orange

5 pm califlower mash, 1 pork meatball, 6 gluten free oatmeal cooks (yes, junk) and not enough protein.  These were the leftovers in the fridge and I needed to eat before my workout.

7 pm Kettlebell Core Essentials with Evil Jimmi.  Took a friend that is new to kettlebells.  Had .5 hr instruction then 20 min workout that consisted of 15 squats, 9 kb swings, 6 pushups and 3 pullups.  Jimmi told us to shoot for 8 sets, we completed 15.  Fast intense and effective, loved it!



12:30 pm mac nuts, carrot flaxseed muffin, chicken apple sausage, blueberries, beef jerky

4:30 pm  20x 5 ea, 20 kg KB overhead thrusters & assisted pullups - sore today from Evil Jimmi's class

6 pm chicken breast with lime and siracha sauce, homemade coleslaw with apple, siracha and lime dressing, GF oatmeal cookies (TG they are all gone now)


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