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2 eggs cooked in butter w/ a little parm cheese

3 turk saus


Decided to get a coffee from Jolts and Juice (my 2nd favorite coffee place) Did not ask for sugar free but whoa mama I should have. I only drank half of it and my stomach was so upset most of the day. CRAZY! Next time it will be sugar free FOR SURE!



1/2 can of chicken mixed with a little mayo and half an avocado.

Half a cucumber, some broccoli and carrots


A little piece of jerky pre-workout



Warm-up  40 double kb squats w/26s

For the WOD Jim had running as part of it but since it was POURING rain while I was there I did an older workout

22 reverse lunges per leg

22 sit-ups (was supposed to be K2E but I'm still trying to let my hands heal)

22 push-ups

then 20 reps, 15,10,8,6,4

50 body-weight squats



Pork roast with mixed veggies, sauteed oninons, cottage cheese


did have a couple of small pieces of Easter candy tonight

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