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6 sets of 2 deadlifts at 200 lbs., getting ready for my new PR on Friday, hoping to hit 275!!


Tabata set of 1 handed swings for 4 minutes with the 44 lb.

Tabata set of snatches for 4 minutes with the 26 lb.

Tabata set of K2E, holy ouch! :)


Some swing tutorial and practice to make sure we are using the right form, a good review.  Got to swing the 88 lb. at the end for 10 reps, that was exciting!


Food Log:


2 cups of coffee with creamer, 2 eggs, 2 turkey bacon



Fage greek yogurt with strawberries, carrots, 1 spoonful of PB



4 pumpkin spice cookies with cream cheese frosting (cheat meal anyone?? Sheesh...), a few pretzles with the leftoer frosting (maybe 1 tbsp?)



Hamburger patty with a little ketchup, big salad with rasp. vinaigrette dressing


After reading some of the article Rachelle posted (thank you!) and talking with Jim, I think I am going to be tracking my carbs a little bit more closely.  I have probably been falling into the 100-150 range for carbs daily which is maintenance mode, and I want to be in fat loss mode, so I need to be a little bit stricter.  So, here we go for the next few weeks :).  Cutting out the morning coffee creamer (32 carbs after all is said and done, ouch!), and really watching my intake throughout the day.

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Comment by Rachelle Lowder on September 28, 2011 at 7:20am

How did swinging the 88 feel? And you got that 275, you are the deadlifting queen!! =)


You are very welcome for the articles...they seem to have been helpful to several; I'm glad! Just be sure you are still getting enough protein! =)

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