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- Coffee with sugar-free vanilla syrup & half/half

Meal 1:

- "Atkins Advantage" Cafe Caramel Shake

 Meal 2:

- Can of Swanson's "all natural" low sodium chicken broth

 - "Atkins Advantage" Mocha Latte Shake

Meal 3:

- Protein Smoothie: Water, 26g vanilla whey, pineapple, banana & cinnamon

Meal 4:

- Spoonful of PB (Not a liquid but need the fats)

- Small can of V8


- Hot n Spicy pork rinds

- One hot dog

(At this point in the day it's 5:30-45pm...I'm hungry)

Meal 5:

- A huge Alaskan salmon steak with a lemon dill sauce

- Green beans


* So, I didn't make it the whole day on a liquid diet, but did pretty well. I also feel it kinda helped to reset me after a lousy weekend.



- None. Had hoped to make it in tonight, but some physical ailments kept me home. =(

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Comment by Rachelle Lowder on November 15, 2011 at 7:42am

I am, Pam. Thank you!! =)

Comment by Pam Benedick on November 14, 2011 at 10:14pm

Hope your doing ok!

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