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5 sets of 10 double front squats with the 44's

3 sets of 10 double front squats with the 35's


2 sets of 5 deadlifts at 205 lbs.

3 sets of 5 deadlifts at 185 lbs.


I came to work out right after the dentist and the flouride rinse made me feel pretty queasy so I definitely wasn't 100% today.


Food Log:


2 cups of coffee with creamer, 3 turkey sausages



2 eggs, 1 cup of fage greek yogurt with cut up grapes (about 8 bug grapes)


1 more cup of coffee, dragging this afternoon and 1 spoonful of PB


1 bowl of taco soup (corn, black beans, kidney beans, tomatoes, beef, onion) with a little cheese


I am going to start playing around with nutrition a little bit to see if I can tweak it enough to start seeing a difference on the scale.  I keep bouncing around the same few numbers so I am going to try a few different things over the next few weeks to see how my body responds.  We'll see ;).

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