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I have gained about 2lbs of muscle in the past few weeks. Weighed 226 tonight at the end of the night. 

Getups and swings or squats? No loss of leanness. Push hard! Getups, getups, getups...


18 Turkish Getups.

16kg-40kg bells x 3. Ran through the rack, starting a new rep each minute. Harder than it sounds.


300 squats and 5 hard Taekwon-Do hyungs.

900 swings/squats left for the month. I may not have time to hit all these until Saturday (gulp). That might be an ugly day.



300mg caffeine


50gr Syntha 6 protein

handful of raw almonds

fish oil

cod liver oil


1 tbsp coconut oil

6 strips of bacon

one chicken breast, fried in bacon grease

hadnful of raw almonds

fish oil

5000iu vitamin D


200mg caffeine


1 tbsp coconut oil

steak covered sauteed red onion and mushrooms

huge baked potato coated in butter and sour cream

huge whole broccoli crown, steamed and soaked in lemon and butter

red wine

fish oil

cod liver oil

About 12am I will hit the zinc, magnesium, B6, and melatonin.

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