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Gave myself an easy day after yesterday. Was feeling a little beat down, and I know that the rest of the month will be tough. I have been thinking about revisiting the conventional deadlift for a while now. I switched to sumo over 2 years ago, and could very easily pull over 500# that way. In any case, I haven't done any structured  heavier deadlifting for almost 2 years, and no conventional deadlifting since Feb. 2012. Last month I did a volume trapbar deadlift program, but that is pretty different. 

Going to start playing with adding these in just a few times a week. Going easy, easy on them, just to sort of get that groove back and train the movement. I pulled a few easy singles a few weeks back at 2X bodyweight and it felt good. I think your body changes from time to time and switching between sumo and conventional is very individual. I do have to say that doing lots of swings makes it feel like these really haven't gone away. 


2 X 3 @ 405#

2 X 3 @ 365#


2 X 5 W/24KG

I look at these as mostly a great stretching drill. 



caffeine/green tea

1 tbsp coconut oil

3 BCAA/liver caps


1 tbsp coconut oil

5 thick strips of bacon and a large avocado, on strips of red leaf lettuce

couple big handfuls of a nut mix with raw almonds, raw sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, and cashews

4000mg fish oil

5000iu vitamin D


caffeine/green tea


3 BCAA/liver caps


1 tbsp coconut oil

2 huge chicken breasts baked in the oven in a ton of bacon grease

mass amount of jasmine rice with coconut aminos and about an extra tbsp of coconut oil

4000mg fish oil


50mg Zn

100mg B6

400mg magnesium citrate

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