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No training today, except to lead a few class warmups and a little bit of play with Indian clubs. 

I am just feeling a little tired and tight, so I figured I would just let myself be lazy for a day. I might actually take tomorrow totally off too. Two days in a row? Hasn't happened in a while. We'll see. I do have my weekly hill sprints. That may depend on the weather. I have my eye on a horrible theater for some Tabata hill sprints in the snow. It is a few miles away, though. 

I never actually get sick, but I know when you fight something off your energy might be a little lower. Maybe that is it. I might just ban myself from training tomorrow and see how it goes. 



200mg caffeine

1000mg vitamin C


1 tbsp coconut oil

25gr Carnivore protein with 1 tbsp cinnamon. 

fish oil

cod liver oil

5000iu vitamin D


1 tbsp coconut oil

6 egg omelette with some leftover shredded beef from some fajitas, onion, green pepper and awesome local salsa. 

fish oil

cod liver oil


1 tbsp coconut oil

2 glasses of red wine

huge chunk of grilled tri-tip

huge spinach salad with...blah, blah....(you probably know it by now).

fish oil

cod liver oil

5000iu vitamin D


will with the Zn, Mg, B6 and melatonin

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