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(completed in about 35 - 40 minutes)
50 x Overhead 44#/20kg Kettlebell Walking Lunges (25L-arm/25R-arm)
50 x Double 70#/32kg Kettlebell Front Squats
50 x Double 62#/28kg Kettlebell Outside leg Swings
50 x 70#/32kg Hand-to-Hand Swings
50 x 106#/48kg Sumo Deadlift High-pulls
50 X Jump Squats
100 Yards Walking Lunges (first 50 paces with 26#/12kg KB Overhead - 25L-arm/25R-arm) . . .

So, Jim Beaumont says, "You ready to head outside to finish up with lunges in the snow?" . . . and I go straight for my Vibram Fivefingers. As I'm putting them on he says, " . . . you know I was joking, right?"

He counted off 100 yards on the snowy/slushy/icy sidewalk and I went to work.

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