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Nutrition/Training Log: October 4, 2012



- Cup of coffee with creamer & a splash of milk


- 3 egg omelette cooked with olive oil spray with 6 slices of pepperoni, ground pepper, Italian seasoning and a sprinkle each of shredded mozzarella & white sharp cheddar. Topped a small sliced tomato from our garden


- A plain, lightly salted rice cake smeared with mayo & topped with 4 slices of deli turkey, 4 slices of deli ham, a quarter of an avocado & ground pepper

- Several baby carrots


- 39g of chocolate peanut butter whey in water with 1T ground flax and cinnamon

7:00PM (Post-Workout)

- 26g of vanilla whey with cinnamon, 1tsp brown sugar, 5g creatine & aprox 3g glutamine


- $6 Low Carb Burger from Carl's Jr. Although I think they cheated me out of the 6 dollar patty and just gave me a regular one...bastards

- 3.75oz serving of sweet potato fries with a little ketchup


- Handful of walnut halves



- 10x10 Heavy Swings w/the 70 (1 min rest between sets)

- 4 Tabata Sets:

  • Jumping Pullups/Ball Slams (25lb ball)
  • Jump Rope/Swings w/the 70
  • Box Jumps/Knees 2 Elbows
  • 1-Arm Swings w/the 44

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Comment by Rachelle Lowder on October 5, 2012 at 7:55am

I'm glad! Just simply felt like it was time.

Comment by Jim B on October 4, 2012 at 10:48pm


Glad to see you posting. Made my whole night!

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