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Nutrition/Training Log: November 8, 2012



- Cup of coffee w/creamer


- 1egg + 1/2C whites cooked in olive oil spray with chopped mushrooms & tomato, seasoned with salt, pepper, onion & garlic powder, italian seasoning & 1/4 of an avocado

- 1/2 a large apple with cinnamon


- 1/2C full fat cottage cheese with a little diced tomato, a bunch of sliced cucumber, 4 chopped slices of deli ham & ground pepper


- Salad consisting of spinach + "power greens" (a mix of spinach, baby bok choy, baby red & green chard), can of tuna, baby carrots, a bunch of black olives, 1/4 of an avocado & ranch


- 1/2C of coffee with creamer (for some odd reason I get sleepy after my 2pm meal; no matter what I eat. I do take a little nap if I can)


- Handful of almonds

- 3 slices of deli turkey


- Chicken breast with a small amount of spaghetti topped with seasoned diced tomatoes & a little fresh Parmesan (husband had this ready for me when I get home. Shouldn't have had the noodles being it's my low carb day, but figured a small amount would be ok since it was after training)


- 1/2C of full fat cottage cheese with 1T natural peanut butter & cinnamon


- 100 Burpees w/pushup about 45min before breakfast


- Barbell Front Squats:

  • 1x5 @ 125lbs (rest 5min)
  • 1x5 @ 115lbs (rest 1min)
  • 10x5 @95lbs (45sec-1min rest between sets)

- Double KB Bent Rows

  • 1x5 w/the 44s
  • 1x5 w/the 35s
  • 10x5 w/the 26s
  • 10x5 w/the 35s (went back to the 35s after I wasn't being challenged enough with the 26s. 30 second rest between all sets with the 26s & 35s)

- Elevated Ring Pushups (18in Elevation)

  • 10x5 (45sec rest between sets)

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