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In Their Words: Testimonials Don't Lie.

"First of all, bless Jim for all he does and his fierce, caring heart behind it all.  Yes, beyond the bands of muscle lies much passion.  He truly wants everyone to be happy.

To say I have had a rough chain of events in the last year could be an understatement.  I came to Jim at one of the lowest points in my life.  I knew if I could dial in my nutrition I could embrace the life "ride" more efficiently.  1 - 1/2 months later I was pleasantly surprised with an impromptu measuring day:  8 lbs down, 3% body fat lost, and 9 inches less (almost 2 in just my waist!).  And I gained a permanant, genuine smile on my face - bonus! :-) 
I will continue my progess with his program, no question.   
Two heads are better than one.  Undoubtedly, I encourage you to not go alone in your nutrition journey.  Jim's knowledge supercedes all the rest.  And his perfect nudge of accountability and encouragement will carry you through to the finish line.
...FTW - Jim Beaumont!" -Katie F.

What do you do when one of the strongest, fittest people you know come to you for help tweaking nutrition? Someone who easily lifts weight double her bodyweight, and can knock out strict pullups like nothing?

You do the absolute best you can, that's what.

Here is an example of someone that didn't need to "lose" anything, but wanted to gain control over things like sugar cravings and work further on eating to thrive, not just survive. Katie was already a "paleo" nutrition advocate, but had found it was about more than eating certain foods and definitely not about calorie counting or portion control. It was about meal and nutrient timing, sleep, stress management, and training volume.

80% Nutrition.

10% Training.

5% Stress management

5% Sleep Habits.


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