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This is hard for some people to get their head around. You can’t spot-reduce fat from anywhere, but increasing lean body mass through strength training is the fastest way to change your overall body shape, hormonal profile, and the way your body utilizes fuel. It is no surprise it would be more effective than simply burning sugar and a small amount of calories through aerobic training. I’ve seen it over and over again.

Strength training fights belly fat better than aerobic training (er...


This is an interesting breakdown about the cost of eating healthier. I’m obviously a huge fan of grass-fed beef, but I also eat conventionally raised beef. It is important to realize the labeling on different kinds of beef is not set in stone. Almost all beef cattle spend a good portion of their lives on rangeland or eating some kind of grass, no matter how it is labelled.

Is Grass-Fed Beef Elitist? These 10 Foods are More Expensive and Le...


Some of the training techniques described here should be familiar those that have trained at IKSC for a while. Getting stronger means doing movements better and more efficiently. I try to make sure the movement choices are those that enhance daily life or sports movements.

Russian Strength-Skill: The Workouts | T Nation (


Couple of good articles about magnesium. This is one of IKSC’s “big three” supplements that most people are deficient (the other two are zinc and vitamin D).

Magnesium lowers cortisol levels (

Pros and Cons of Different Forms of Magnesium | Mark's Daily Apple


With the new popularity of “keto” dieting it is important to realize what nutritional ketosis really is for, and has been throughout human history. It is about metabolic flexibility. Here is a good podcast on that topic. It is important to keep keto dieting in perspective.


This article describes a study that finds that people with more independence and control over their lives live longer.

Autonomous people live longer (


I've done whole classes on inflammation in the past. It is the root of many diseases. We can obviously apply this information as-needed in this day and age, since the body’s inflammatory response is what causes complications in our favorite virus:

12 Tips To Fight Inflammation | Poliquin Article (


Some of you are new to IKSC! I know people are rightfully and intelligently divesting themselves of different social media apps, etc. but, I still keep an active Facebook group for those that train here. I frequently post articles and have posted workouts, special class notifications etc. Please join up if you use Facebook. The group is strictly used for health and fitness related material.

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Great video from Original Strength


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