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I took Saturday & Sunday off from training and strict nutrition. Yeah, I sorta took advantage of Jim being gone. But, after going pretty hard for the last several months, I figured it would be beneficial to take a small extended break. Ready to be back in the game...




7:00AM-11:00AM (Bit of an odd start...wasn't really hungry during the morning)

- 2 cups of coffee with creamer

- A few bites of "CoCo Wheats" that were remaining in my son's bowl

- A palmful of trail mix


- 3 egg omlette with feta & mozzarela cheese, cooked in coconut oil & topped with tomato slices & ground pepper


- About 6 almonds

- Sliced yellow zuchinni (fresh from my neighbor's garden) cooked in butter & seasoned with garlic powder & ground pepper

- A big hamburger patty made from beef "off the range", seasoned & topped with tomato slices (tomatoes are also from my neighbor's garden)


- About a cup of 2% cottage cheese

- Half a large apple with amond butter

8:40PM (Post-Workout)

- Chocolate Cherry Smoothie: 1C unsweetened almond milk, 25g vanilla whey, 1C frozen cherries, scoop of TruWhip, 1tsp psyllium fiber, chocolate extract, a little water



(Workouts now have a new structure...playing with tempo)



- Double Front Squats with 26s: 6 sets of 10 (4 count on the negative (down), 1 count pause, 2 count on the positive (up))

- Hindu Squats (Got lost in the rhythm and didn't keep count, but there was a lot)

- Walking Lunges: 120 yards

- 20 Hindu Squats

- Romanian Deadlifts: 3 sets of 10 w/62lb bell, 3 sets of 10 w/70lb bell, 2 sets of 10 w/ 88lb bell

- Jogged at medium pace around field: 10 laps (this felt SO good!)


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