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Meal 1:

- Coconut Flour Pancakes: 1/2C unsweetened shredded coconut ground in coffee grinder, 1/2 scoop vanilla protein, 1tsp psyllium fiber, 2 eggs, a splash of unsweetened almond milk, 1tsp baking powder and cinnamon- cooked in butter(This was my spin on the coconut flour pancake recipe I posted yesterday and I'm much happier with this version. Made 4 medium sized pancakes)

- 1 egg plus 1/2C whites cooked in butter, piled on top of the pancakes and drizzled with sugar-free syrup

- "Atkins Advantage" Mocha Latte Shake

(OK, so I have to admit, this was a high calorie breakfast, but also super high in protein (aprox. 60g), with a healthy dose of fats and not horrible in carbs (6g from the coconut, 6g from all the eggs + whites, 2g in the drink and 5g from the syrup= 23g total. Considering half of those carbs came from protein sources, it's not that bad at all!)

Meal 2:

- "Indian Chicken Coconut Curry": Scaled this down for one person

- Spinach salad with white mushrooms, 1/2 an avocado and Brianna's ranch dressing


- Small Fugi apple with crunchy almond butter & cinnamon

- 2 bites of pork 'n beans

Meal 3:

- Taco Salad: Spinach, a little chopped romaine, seasoned beef, one broken hard taco shell, cheddar cheese, olives, hot sauce and a little ranch

- Handful of cheddar "whales"


- Cup of "Eggnogg'n" tea with a splash of lite coconut milk (from the can not the carton)



- 1C plain greek yogurt with 1tsp cherry gelatin, a few 60% cacao baking chips & some chopped walnuts



- None...

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