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- 2 eggs scrambled with about 2oz ham in butter with salt & pepper

- Kale sauteed in butter with garlic salt & pepper

12:30PM (Post-Workout)

- 1 granny smith apple

- 1 Low Carb $6 burger with only mustard (no sauce, no cheese)


- 1.5 spring rolls with the fake crab removed (not sure if the tapioca from the wrap is allowed..if not, one discrepancy out of 21 days is pretty damn good)

- 8oz organic raw kombucha- "botanic" flavor

- 2 Brazil nuts


- A big slab of some amazing thin sliced BBQed skirt steak

- One small BBQed chicken breast

- 1.5 1/4lb hotdogs

- A bunch of baked kale chips (tossed in EVOO & seasoned with garlic salt & pepper)

- A bunch of jicama slices that had been tossed with salt & meyer lemon juice

** Yeah, total protein fest this evening. =)



- Warmup of 100 hand to hand swings with the 26

- 7 Rounds:

  • 5 Double KB Cleans with the 44s
  • 8 Medicine Ball Slams with a 25lb ball
  • 10 Snatches per arm with the 35

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