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*Week 2 of the sugar detox is now behind me. Doing awesome and looking forward to finishing week 3 just as strong.


- A handful of baby carrots with almond butter

11:40AM (Delayed Post-Workout)

- A Kale & Apple Smoothie: 1C chopped kale, 1 granny smith apple, juice of one meyer lemon, water & ice

- A seasoned round steak cooked in pastured butter


- 1 slice of turkey and 3 super thin slices of ham with dijon mustard

- 2 brazil nuts

- About 10 calamata olives


- A celery stalk with almond butter


- Fish Tacos: 2 big chunks of seasoned cod on two big romaine leaves with a radish, cucumber & red onion salsa, 1/2 an avocado divided between the two and extra meyer lemon juice (good, but not as good without the corn tortillas)


- Another big chunk of cod on a handful of cabbage with salsa, cucumber slices and lemon juice



- 20 minutes solid of:

  • 5 Double KB Thrusters with the 35s at the top of one minute
  • 10 2-Arm Swings with the 70 at the top of the next minute (Continued alternating exercises each minute)

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