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- A French Omelette: Cooked as stated in recipe but I didn't have rosemary and used dried thyme. Added half a sliced avocado to the top


- Kale & Apple Smoothie: 1 1/2C chopped kale (small leaves) with 1/2 a large granny smith apple, the juice of a whole meyer lemon, a little water & a handful of ice


 - A cup of homemade chicken broth with a little salt, garlic powder & basil

- 2 Brazil nuts

- Handful of plantain chips


- An egg mixed with leftover taco meat & hot sauce


- A seasoned round steak cooked in coconut oil

- California blend veggies with pastured butter

- Several calamata olives


- One celery stalk with almond butter; a few baby carrots dipped in almond butter


- Rest day...

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