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- Half a medium potato as hashbrowns, cooked in coconut oil

- 2 eggs with 2 whites cooked in coconut oil, seasoned with ground pepper and topped with a few tomato slices

- 2 sausage links


- 1/2C of trail mix


- Small Cobb salad from Walmart with about 1/2C of full fat cottage cheese added


- About half cup of nonfat greek yogurt, handful of sliced almonds, a couple tablespoons of trail mix & a few shakes of a cinnamon/sugar mix

6:50PM (Post-Workout)

- Scoop of vanilla protein with 2tsp psyllium fiber

- Handful of dried strawberries


- Can of chicken breast mixed with a little mayo and a small handful of walnuts. Divided among 2 romaine leaves, seasoned with ground pepper and topped with a few wedged tomato slices

- 1 string cheese





- DBL KB Front Squats w/53s: 5 sets of 5

- Deadlifts @ 200lbs: 5 sets of 5

- Walking lunges with 26lb bell overhead: Don't know the amount, just walked the width of the training floor 6 times


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