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How to beat the Low Carb Flu

Short answer: Work out.  :)


3x6 double kettlebell squat/bent over row/push-ups @ 20kg


Previous Night's Sleep:

  • 9.5 hours




8:00a - Noon:

Two Lipo6

1g Hoodia

One egg with onions, peppers & olive oil

Five sausage links

Black coffee

3g Fish Oil

1g Tribulus

4000iu Vitimin D

1g Magnesium

6g. Coconut oil (caps)


Noon - 4:00p:

Several huge slices of baked turkey breast

Handful of raw almonds

Iced black coffee

3g Fish oil

6g Coconut oil (caps)



4:00p - 10:00p:

Two large hamburger patties

Onions grilled in coconut oil

5oz Oikos blueberry Greek yogurt

1g Hoodia

1g Tribulus

3g Melatonin

3g. Fish oil


Current Goals:

February 2012 goal:Ten consecutive push-ups with good form

March 2012 goal: Double long-cycle press @ 2x24kg

April 2012 goalStart Kajukenbo martial arts training!

June 2012 goal: One strict press, each side, with the 32kg!


Past Goals:

January 2012 goalComplete four one handed swing tabata sets @ 20kg. Achieved 01-29-2012!

November 2011 goalOne strict press, each side, with the 28kg. Achieved 11-11-2011!

October 2011 goal: 100 continuous snatches.  Achieved 10-15-2011!







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