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December Turkish Getup and Swing Challenge. #5.

December 1st is next week!

Time for the 5th Annual December Turkish Getup/Swing Challenge.


December Turkish Getup and Swing Challenge


It is simple:

Do one Turkish Getup (TGU) for each day of the month. One rep equals floor to standing on both sides. So, one rep on the first of the month, two the second day, three the third, all the way to December 31st, when you will complete 31 reps.  One “Amnesty Day” per week is permitted, basically a day off. The day is up to you.


Any required modification is legal. If you can only rise to the sitting position, or to the Getup/Situp as it is sometimes called, that is fine. Any weight is permitted. No kettlebell? No problem. Just use a dumbell, sandbag, shoe or even just bodyweight if needed.


As far as the swings go, the key here is just volume. 1,000 swings the first week; 1,500 the second, 2,000 the third and 2,500 the fourth week.

If you make your first ”week” from December 1st through December 7th, then you will finish by December 28th, and have three days of nothing but TGUs. That is fine, because 28-31 of them per day will be plenty of a workout.


Use any weight of kettlebell for swings, and use any swing variation you can think of. I recommend practicing as many different weights and variations as possible to keep your sanity and simply for the sake of working on new skills.

This year I have decided to allow bodyweight squats or Hindu squats as a substitute for swings. So, if you had 2,000 swings one week and decided to do 1,000 swings and 1,000 squats that would be a good option.

My thinking on this is that some days the hands might need a rest to heal a blister, or you might just not have access to a kettlebell for a day or two. When you have 2,000-2,500 swings to complete in seven days, getting behind is really not an option. Also, this challege can include those that may not have access to kettlebells. I know of at least a few from my facility that will be traveling without access to kettlebells for at least a week during the month. Rather than try to get in 1,000 swings per day to make up for it, they will be able to do squats or Hindu squats for that week, and get a great workout.

If you want to log your progress, go to Kettlebell Inc and start up a training log on their forums. This is where this whole challenge came from in 2009.



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