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  • 8:15p: Outside
    • 5x10 double kettlebell squats @ 2x45lb
      • 2-3 minute rest between sets
    • One mile jog
    • 3x10 double kettlebell squats @ 2x45lb
      • 3-4 minute rest between sets
      • Wanted to get five sets in, but I was getting pretty smoked and form was starting to go. Decided to call it good before I did something dumb.

Martial Arts:
  • 5:00p: White Lion Kajukenbo - Class taught by Sibak Ted Snyder
    • Practiced clock dance with emphasis on using the moves to avoid strikes.
    • Practiced using the moves while another student punched at our chest.
    • Practiced Pinion 1
    • First time I got to really practice a pinion. Fun!

  • 8:00a - Noon:
    • Black coffee
    • 60g MRM Vanilla All Natural Whey, Organic Cocoa
    • 4000iu Vitamin D, 5g. Coconut Oil (caps), 1g. Magnesium, 1g. Tribulus
    • Small handful of marcona almonds
  • Noon - 4:00p:
    • Spinach salad with grilled chicken (cooked in bacon fat, Pride of Szeged chicken rub & white wine vinegar), two strip bacon, hard boiled egg, peppers, olives, grape tomatoes, Annie's organic red wine & olive oil dressing.
    • 50g MRM Vanilla All Natural Whey, Organic Cocoa, 1T. Creatine, 1T. Glutamine
    • Small handful of marcona almonds
    • Black coffee
  • 4:00p - 10:00p:
    • Homemade preworkout (2g. Citrulline Malate, 1g. Taurine, 1T. Beta Alanine, 1T. BCAA, 3 caps Lipo6)
    • 40g MRM Vanilla All Natural Whey, 1T. Creatine, 1T. Glutamine, 1T. Organic Cocoa
    • Puerto Rican Beef (without yams)
    • 1g. Tribulus
    • 3g. Fish oil
    • 3g. Melatonin

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