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Daily Report for September 3, 2016

Daily Log
Breakfast 276
Coffee, Brewed 16 Fluid ounces 5
Egg, Large 3 Each 216
Cheese, Cheddar, Sharp, Tillamook ½ Ounce 56
Lunch 274
Apple, Gala, Small 1 ½ Each 134
No nutrient data for: Sodium
Kirkland Goat Cheese 2 Ounces 140
No nutrient data for: Fiber, Sugars
Dinner 743
Breakfast Sausage, Boulder Sausage 4 Each 320
Carrots, Medium 1 Each 25
Sour Cream, Reg 2 Tablespoons 60
Banana, Medium, 7" - 7 7/8" Long 1 Each 105
Cashew Butter, Plain 2 Tablespoons 188
Milk, Coconut, Original, Unsweetened, So Delicious 8 Ounces 45
Snacks 85
Cashews, Whole Fancy, Kirkland Signature ½ Ounce 85

Fat 88g 57%
Sodium 1648mg
Carbohydrates 84g 24%
Fiber 13g
Sugars 45g
Protein 63g 18%

Another weird day, Drew was heading back up to the fire and of course it screws up everything "normal" I've established right now. I'm craving sugar again and so that is the reason for the banana/cashew butter smoothie at dinner...helps conquer the craving with real foods.

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Comment by Jim B on September 6, 2016 at 8:11am

Cheese is better than sugar, but it still produces an insulin spike, even without the carbs. It is a weird phenomenon with cheese. Just so know you the reason physiology behind it. Note: I didn't say it wasn't a better option. 

Comment by Kelley Noe on September 5, 2016 at 9:18am
Yes I've been relying on cheese as a healthy snack/alternative. I need to cut back but it's hard bc it feels like a staple in order to be lower carb.
Comment by Jim B on September 5, 2016 at 8:21am

Looks like you logged this right after I'd checked for the day yesterday. Sorry about the delayed response.

I notice the increased cheese. That is a normal stress reaction. I think you handled it well, if that was the case. You aren't the only one that goes for that instead of sugar and lots of carbs. If you remember from the sugar craving class I gave last year (I think you were there), I give a series of ways to help with the sugar. If you don't still have the handout, I can send you one. 

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