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3 turk saus

coffee w/ sf syrup



The office ordered in chinese food today. I had some left over broc and cauliflower that I mixed in with about 2 spoonfuls of pork fried rice, had about 4 pieces of mand chicken and some vegetable stir-fry. I LOVE chinese food but felt satisfied with all the veggies I threw in there too!


Several small pieces of choc.



10 sets of 10 reps of double kb squats.   These about did my back in so I decided to skip the elevated sumo deadlifts and did the workout on the board instead.

100 snatches

100 swings w/62 (again took it easy on these)

40 super burpees (I was running out of time)

4 min tabata set of jump rope



1 1/2 chick saus


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