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15 minute 'manmaker' in parking lot, alternating 2-arm swings with 40kg kettlebell and 150yd jog.

Windmills 5 x 3, all with 24kg. I am really liking these. They are an amazing stretch!

Worked a few reps of bent presses with 24kg. I know, super light for this lift. Going to work up slowly with it.

I'm not very good with windmills or bent presses, so I'm videoing them to see improvement over the next weeks.



Taekwon-Do: 20 hyungs, basics, sparring, breaking.

Nutrition Log...
6am-200mg caffeine
648mg Korean ginseng
648mg Siberian ginseng



50gr whey protein

600mg fish oil

200mg caffeine

50gr whey protein with cinnamon
2 bananas

More summer sausage, cheddar cheese and a whole bunch of raw almonds.
600mg fish oil
2,000iu vitamin D

2 scoops Hemo Rage
648mg Korean ginseng
648mg Siberian ginseng

Full-on cheat meal!
Stacey talked me into Red Robin. It was right next to Vitamin Shoppe and we were both starving. I decided to just go for this weeks cheat meal and be done with it.
Had fish 'n chips and a large beer.

2 liver cleanse capsules

Full disclosure: I've also taken about 2,000mg of ibuprofen per day for the past few days to try and loosen up the low back from Monday's injury.

This was way, way too much salt to take in for one day. The rest of the week will be strict.

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Comment by Brent Brown on July 28, 2011 at 10:07pm
Like the videos!

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