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  • Six ladders of two-handed swings and presses
    • All swings seven reps @ 20kg
    • First and second rungs of presses @ 20kg
    • Third rung of presses @ 16kg




Water: One gallon


8:00a - Noon:

Handful of beef jerky



1000mg fish oil, 500mg calcium, 250mg magnesium

2200IU vitamin D, Opti-Men multivitamin

Two lipo6


Noon - 4:00p:

Iced black coffee

Two eggs with grilled onions & jalapenos (post workout)

One chicken habanero sausage(post workout)

Larabar(post workout)

Handful of beef jerky(post workout)

Two lipo6


1000mg fish oil, 500mg calcium, 250mg magnesium

200IU vitamin D, Opti-Men multivitamin


4:00p - 10:00p:

Steak, salmon, broccoli, green & yellow squash

0.5oz dark chocolate

Handful of almonds




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Comment by Brent Brown on July 29, 2011 at 5:04pm

Thanks Jim!  It was easier than on Sunday.  Think I need to up the number of swings.


I re-read your article too.  I understand it better now.  :)

Comment by Jim B on July 28, 2011 at 10:27pm

Look great man!


Glad to see you made it through those ladders. Work capacity is increasing!

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