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2 Lipo6 for her

50 burpees (that's all the time I had this morning before I went to work)



2 Fish Oil

3 Turk saus

2 eggs

1 slice of swiss cheese


Handful of almonds



chicken breast

mixed veggies


2 Lipo6 for her


1/2 scoop protein powder preworkout



Started out with sets of 10 double presses, think I did 6 rounds of those but I forgot my guards and my forearm/wrists were taking a beating so I did the rest of the rounds with push-ups on kb handles supersetted with t-bar raises

Did 4 min tabata set of bicep curls and diamond push-ups on knees

4 min tabata set of jump-rope

4 min tabata set of sit-ups                 FUN TIMES!!!!!!


1/2 scoop protein powder post workout



small apple with 1 tsp pb and 1 tsp nutella

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Comment by Rachelle Lowder on November 23, 2011 at 8:25am

Sounds like a good heart pumpin workout. Great job!

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