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20 minutes of...
15 24" tire box jumps (1 minute)
10 hindu pushups (about 30 seconds)

15 tire box jumps took me about a full minute per set. These included a full stop at the top with full hip and knee extension. These are a lot more productive than the stupid box jumps you see on Youtube where people basically bounce off the top of the box with their toes and never stabilize. No one gets stronger with these kind of box jumps. Full stop, full extension, or it doesn't count. It is not a race, it is about getting stronger. You want a race? Go play a sport.

Windmills 5 x 3 with 24kg for flexibility.

200mg caffiene
648mg Korean ginseng
648mg Siberian ginseng

50gr whey protein
600mg fish oil

2 scoops Hemo Rage (I hear you laughing...)

15gr whey protein with about 30gr simple carbs

2 grilled chicken breasts in a large salad with baby spinach, onion, tomato, feta cheese and Greek dressing
big handful of raw almonds

Handful of homemade dried banana chips to get something in my stomach with 800mg of ibuprofen

Amazing grassfed hamburgers wrapped in lettuce with bacon and tomato
1 whole large avocado with lime, salt and pepper
Stacey's awesome pina colada mix with rum.
600mg fish oil

I love grilling outside.

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