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TRAINING LOG 10/31/10 (Rest day...just a couple notes).

REST DAY...Just a few notes.

Decided to check my "up and active" heartrate today: 56 BPM.

I will try to get an actual resting rate, but since I never remember, I am going to guestimate that my actual resting rate is less than 50 BPM.

Not bad, considering I can still deadlift well over 2x my bodyweight without any kind of equipment; do 38" box jumps for reps; full leg splits; press a kettlebell nearly 40% of my bodyweight for 6-8 reps; do pullups with 70lbs of added weight and 1-arm pushups; 5 minute, 24kg kettlebell snatch sets all day without fatigue.

I know that I could improve on any of these numbers if I specialized, but I think overall fitness is a good thing.

I have been working really hard to find balance in my training. It is paying off.


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