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Regular am pills, 1 spark drink
8:30 am
I dannon light protein drink
24 oz water
Noon banquet
Salad w dressing...ate 1/2
2 bites of roll w/ whipped butter
1/4c carrots; 1/4 cup broccolinny
1 chicken breast with some chicken sauce on it
2 red round grilled potatoes
Some sun chips; diet dr pepper; small Apple; green beans, steak, 3 squares 70% chocolate
4oz milk
4126 steps

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Comment by Jim B on February 27, 2015 at 7:44am

We are getting a good idea of your starting point by these logs. Can you put what the regular AM pills are on there? I have to review several of these logs and sometimes it is hard to recall what everyone is taking in on a regular basis and how much.

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